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Content creation is hard (trust us, we know, the banter section is where we spend most of our time).

And when customer acquisition cost (CAC) is rising, and revenue is dipping, it can feel like the end of the world. But you’ve come to the right place…

The Pilothouse UGC team was joined by Courtney Toll, CEO at Nori, an innovative iron and steamer brand. Courtney shared her insights on how Nori created a strong relationship with their audience while nurturing their CAC.  

Where does it all start? Product creation…

👋 Find a repeating narrative for product production

Before ever creating her game-changing product, Nori sat down with 500+ targeted consumers (mostly female—a demographic that makes up 86% of consumer decisions in the clothing care vertical) and asked them about their experiences with a specific product-market.

When finished surveying the targeted customers, they were able to determine:

  • Consumers weren’t attached to any existing brands in the space
  • Those consumers were struggling to connect with big-box retailers

From interviewing targeted consumers, Nori located a gap in a market that lacked progression or innovation. So they took it upon themselves to create a product solely based on consumer insights.

With the market so saturated with product content, you must consider creating a good product and a product that aligns with your consumer's mindset to ensure a loyal audience down the road.

📜 Leverage the true power of press

Press is a tool that brands are not utilizing properly. Using a magazine feature won’t cut it (we’re not selling vacuums in the 60s), and press features only cause minor lifts organically.

Courtney suggests leaning into press as a form of retargeting by repurposing press articles as static images to make paid ads.

With this static post, you’ll lead your audience to the landing page that contains the article. This will further credibility and combat a high CPA while leading an audience to a possible purchase.

Plus, press is an easy way to generate outreach from large wholesalers who wouldn’t know about your brand otherwise.

Don’t just focus on that press hit—it will form a small amount of credibility and lift, but building that press into your funnel as a great proof point will offer higher lift and more brand longevity while keeping your CPA low.

🥣 A partnership that’s just right

Nori’s Facebook ads account was removed, so they were forced to take a step back from data and paid acquisition.

They had to find a more organic way to drive traffic and decided that branded partnership was the way to go.

They were able to land a partnership with Something Navy — a clothing brand with a pre-existing butt load of engagement— that perfectly compliments Nori’s brand.

Nori can still benefit from the partnerships through tactical retargeting efforts now that their Facebook Ads account is back up and running.

Finding a partnership that benefits one another is vital and helps generate seamless UGC that feels organic—especially when one product is demonstrable on the other.

🧪Scale your testing

When first approaching creative content testing, you need to clarify and identify your narrative to your UGC team. Courtney suggested creating a document that walks through all the narratives and angles for UGC content for FB, Insta, and TikTok.

When Courtney was asked about the testing strategy, she stated that:

At any given time, we have around 10-12 creatives running across multiple platforms.” The 10-12 is a mix of unique and AB-tested creatives.

💥 The breakdown of the testing process:

  1. Create a new creative and place it into broad audience testing
  2. Give it five days + small spend and assess
  3. Then place the successful creatives into a known higher-performing audience with additional spend and assess

Then you’re not putting all eggs into creative baskets and watching those returns diminish, and your 10-12 creatives pump out 2-3 concrete and successful ones.  

Effective leveraging starts with creating your product and knowing what is wanted and needed by your targeted audience.

Your brand’s growth is nurtured with creative content that promotes brand loyalty and consumer satisfaction.  

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