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AKNF Archive - Paid Social State of the Union: Performance Marketing vs Rising Costs

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Welcome back to another one of our favorite All Killer No Fillers of 2022. As we gear up for the new year, make sure to keep these tactics, ideas, and strategies top of mind.

From DTC to you, Happy New Year - Cheers to a great 2023! On with the show

Today we're sharing a very special presentation from our C-Suite Mastermind in September. This talk features Dave Steele, CEO of Pilothouse and Head of Socials, Nate discussing the biggest trends of the year in the world of high spend performance marketing, including:

▪️Rising costs and click through rates (and why CTR increases mean worse audience targeting)
▪️Why Scrappy Creative is still the undisputed king of performance growth
▪️Why brands are using third party brands to increase their scale, and why some brands are spending the majority of their ad spend through them!)

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