AKNF - 19 Point Audit on Traffic and Creative with Pilothouse's Liam, Evan, and Kyle

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Today we're jamming with Liam who's building out Pilothouse's DTC Audit product.

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We got Liam and Evan to share the 21 points that Pilothouse looks at every time they launch client, or perform a traffic and creative audit for a brand.

Listen in to hear the full structure, plus lots of best practices around

  • Incrementality
  • Facebook Attribution & Cross-referencing with Google Analytics
  • UTMs audit
  • Naming Convention Hacks
  • Pixel & CAPI Implementation
  • Shopify Efficiency Mapping
  • Pilot Testing & Discovering Angles
  • Annualized testing Strategy
  • Audience Matrix Testing
  • Leveraging Owned Audiences
  • Comment Moderation
  • Prospecting & Retargeting Ecosystem
  • TOF/MOF/BOF Audiences & Exclusions
  • Consolidated Scale VS. Testing Campaigns
  • Budget Management - Vertical And Horizontal Scale
  • Leveraging Dynamic Ads
  • Influencer Dark Posting & Whitelisting

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Pilothouse Audit series when we discuss everything that goes into a CRO and Customer Experience Audit.

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