Your iOS 14.5 Check-List


Your iOS 14.5 Check-List 

Run gap analyses for your brands to understand how channels are being affected by ad spend and where the drop actually is – performance VS. attribution.

If you're looking for a cool hack to see how Facebook and Shopify are working together for your brand specifically, follow these steps:

  1. In events manager, toggle to your pixel, and review the number of sales you see listed for the purchase event - This represents the total events processed.
  2. Click on the purchase event, click the button that says "view details."
  3. On the pop-up that appears, click "event overview.” Now, compare the "events received" on Conversions API with your total sales in Shopify over the same time period. This will show how many sales the pixel is registering in total. 
  4. Compare the total events processed you gathered in step 1 with your total sales in Shopify. This will show you approximately how many sales are being processed or eligible to be attributed to ads.

Double check your CAPI set up. 

Run post purchase surveys to understand how users learned about your brand. We’re seeing cases where the survey results are exactly the same even while FB ROAS looks down.

Identify your best place for a source of truth

  • Analytics runs last click attribution in many of the UTM reports available, so it’s not perfect.
  • You can review how those numbers compare between Facebook and GA over time, and see if you notice big gaps in attributed revenue month over month or week over week as a factor of your traffic cost to understand your “required conversion rate” for your target ROAS or CPA.
  • Comparing your spend efficiency VS. total revenue in your CRM / Shopify will give you an understanding of whether efficiency has decreased to get similar results – there is a performance factor here. 

NOTE: Facebook is adding modeling to 7-day click towards the end of the month in a CAPI 2.0 update. We’ll keep you updated on that!  

Understanding the iOS 14.5 changes is the most important thing you need to know this month to forecast where your DTC business is going. 

Still have questions? We’ve got you. 

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