You want to run YouTube ads but don’t have the budget for video production?

When you look at the YouTube Ads leaderboard, the videos that make it to the top are from companies like Apple and Amazon with deep pockets to fund high-production video projects.

Your DTC company might not have the funds for that (yet). 😉

Here are five cost-effective ways you can create killer YouTube content:

📸 Photography

Photography has a lower price tag, and chances are you already have a library of images to showcase your product.

Static images paired with text, engaging music, and eye-catching transitions can create a polished video that will perform.

Check out this example that uses large text on the screen with rapid cuts and images.

👀 Reach out to your customers for user-generated content (UGC)

This type of content is great for social proof and explaining the selling points of your product. Contact an existing customer list and offer an incentive such as a discount code, gift card, or product in exchange for a video.

Here’s an example with a 3.2 ROAS.


DIY your YouTube ad creative using affordable online video editing software like Canva, Animoto, or Powtoon. These tools allow you to easily create videos that look like you paid serious cash.

Check out this example made with Animoto.

👔 Get the founder in front of the camera

YouTube audiences love a good founder's story. Consumers are more likely to buy when they feel connected to the brand in some way and can put a face to the company they are supporting. Set your phone up to film in 4k, press record, and tell your audience who you are and what started it all.

Want to know how to turn this footage into polished ad content that connects with your audience? Check out an example here.

♻️ Repurpose

Repurpose what you have to test new angles. If you have one video from that one product launch that is outdated or has been used and no longer performs, revamp it!

Make it feel like a new video by changing up the clips, adding stock video or images, and then adding voiceover or music.

This example uses an old product video combined with a new voiceover, copy, and images.

🚨 Want to be up and running on YouTube ads but don’t know where to start? Reach out to the Pilothouse Google team.

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