Writing ad copy that works

👨‍🦳 Back in the good ol’ days… When the advertising rules on TikTok were much more chill, our dear friends at Pilothouse did a li’l copy test for TikTok captions.

The winner was: 🥁

“-”... Nope, it’s not a mistake or a typo, just a dash.

Times have changed. While simplicity was better in the early days of the TikTok era, nowadays the ad copy is playing a much larger role in affecting CTR and CVR.

Prioritizing how you position your ad copy can impact viewer time, clicks, and sales!

So, if you’re looking to find a winning copy that you can use consistently, here are 3 quick TikTok tips:

  • 💯 Use your numbers upfront: Start with how many 5 star reviews you have, how many colors or variations, etc.

  • 🩳 Keep it short: TikTok ad copy only allows 100 characters and the ad only displays about half of it. Keep it as short as possible, and use all the most impactful information at the start. Attention for short-form video is hard to come by – make sure you give viewers your selling points upfront.
  • 👯 Match the energy of your creative: If it's an organic ad style, write in first person and leave the sales-y talk at home. “Quotes seem to work well!”

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