Who Gives a Crap - Blog and Social Media

Who Gives a Crap’s blog has a ton of fun, creative, and educational posts. Also, the name of the blog is “Talking Crap.” Brilliant.

While it’s clear their team has taken the time to put together a robust library of content, we feel it isn’t being distributed or featured across the site as well as it could be.

Here are some ways they can better utilize existing content to enhance their customer experience!

1️⃣ Feature the blog more strategically

Currently, the only way to see Who Gives a Crap’s articles is by going to their blog, either via the top nav or footer on the website.

However, we think there’s an opportunity to feature selected blog posts directly on their homepage, especially those focused on answering product-related questions or increasing conversions, like:

Another DTC brand, Vessi, does this well on their homepage site:

They could also highlight blog posts on PDPs that answer questions about that product. For example, What is recycled toilet paper? is a good post to include on the Recycled Toilet Paper shop page.

Another tip: We would test changing the name on the site nav from “Blog” to “Talking Crap.” It’s a cheeky, provocative name that’s likely to get more clicks!

2️⃣ More product-centric content

Who Gives a Crap covers everything from sustainability to social issues, craft projects, toilet paper debates, and even curating playlists for your unique poo (yes, really).

The variety of content here is incredible, but we think there’s an opportunity to use the blog more strategically to address common questions or concerns about their products.

🙋 One tried and true method is to turn FAQs into standalone blog posts.

For example, they already have an FAQ response (complete with an infographic, no less!) on choosing between recycled and bamboo toilet paper.

However, you can only find this content by navigating through their FAQs.

Instead, we’d suggest converting FAQs like this into forward-facing blog posts.

When shared with shoppers further up the funnel, these posts can help reduce friction and improve conversion rates! 🚀

3️⃣ Consider a search bar

There currently isn’t search functionality on Who Give’s a Crap’s site. However, data shows that among eCommerce shoppers:

  • 43% go directly to the search bar on a website
  • 34% search for non-product content (such as FAQs or blogs)

Including a search bar on their site could be another opportunity to get more views on their blog posts.

For example, if someone searches for “recycled toilet paper” they’ll see the shop page for this product, as well as any blog posts on the topic.

💡 Further observations and suggestions

The first step in having a great blog is great content. The second step is getting that content in front of as many people as possible.

If Who Gives a Crap can do the latter, their blog will surely become a positive asset for brand loyalty, customer education, and ultimately their bottom line 🍑.

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