Which Ads Belong in Which Funnels?

If you’ve got new ads and you're unsure where in the funnel they’ll perform best, the ALL campaign is a killer strategy. 

How it works: 

Build a new campaign with three separate ad sets: TOF, MOF, and BOF. 

Place the new ads into each ad set for testing.

Top of Funnel: Prospecting audiences could include lookalikes, interests, open, etc.

Middle of Funnel: MOF audiences are consumers who have touched your brand but not made a purchase. These could include website visitors, video viewers, FB & IG engagers, etc.

Bottom of Funnel: Retargeting audiences could include add to cart, initiate checkout, add payment info, etc.

The data from this ALL campaign will tell you which ads belong in specific funnels. 🚀

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