Whether You’ve Started Q4 Planning or Not, Read This

Don’t underestimate the power of Q4 in 2022. Our powerhouse pals at Pilothouse jumped on our All Killer No Filler Podcast to give you the first inside scoop on preparing your brand for Q4.

🐂 Why should you be bullish on Q4?

The reality is, whether or not shoppers have excess money in Q4, they’ll buy gifts and shop the sales. We marketers have years of experience converting scrollers into buyers, and this year is no exception.

With the economic downturn, some larger DTC brands with a retail presence are pulling back their direct response ad spend (Facebook, TikTok, etc.) Take advantage and make sure your brand is showcasing sales, shipping times, and the unique selling points of your products.

🔥 The lowdown on Q4

Q4 is the marketing playoff season – the hype is real! To win, your brand has to be smart about planning ahead of time.

If your brand intends to scale on Meta but is unsure you’ll get the results you want, now is the time to expand and test! Join platforms like TikTok as soon as possible, so when spending increases in the coming months, your brand has more data behind your decision-making. Don’t lock yourself into one platform with set budgets – be fluid, dynamic, and ready to pivot.

📦 Inventory angles

By now, most brands have already ordered their inventory for Q4 (or are in the final steps of doing so.) With the market downturn, some brands will decide to buy less and others more.

Be mindful, that if you’re a brand that’s chosen to max out their inventory levels, being bullish on ad spend for the quarter is a MUST.

For those who ordered less, buying strategies, content strategies, and promotional strategies need to adjust.

🎯 Creatives and testing

It’s no surprise that teams go through a period of intensity during Q4 and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday seasons. Be sure to have a support system in place for your internal teams.

Your bank of creatives should include various iterations, offer angles, and channel specs.

Want to get ahead of the game? Start testing now! Brainstorm offer angles (% off, BOGO, etc.) and test them out on landing pages. See what resonates best with your audience and have the data and iterations in your back pocket.

Some brands may even consider creating a third-party brand to test ideas and have ultra-high velocity. Don’t let creative iterations and interpretations hold you back.

Don’t leave money on the table this Q4. Check out the full episode of All Killer No Filler and keep your eyes peeled for more Q4 planning coming soon. 👀

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