UGC & Customer Engagement Tips for Q4

UGC Tips for Q4

We’re back with more Q4 tips from the Pilothouse team. This time we’re covering User Generated Content. 👇

Number 1: Start Now!

The process for working with content creators has a few timeline constraints. Mainly being how fast you can ship the products, and what the content creator’s schedule is for making the requested content. 

Shipping could be delayed during the holiday season and content creators are getting booked for more work in Q4 than the rest of the year. 

Allow for extra time in the process from recruitment to production. 


Number 2: Make your pitch to content creators stand out

The competition is not only fierce in ads, it’s also more competitive to engage with content creators for your brand. 

Good content creators often work with multiple brands that are fighting for their attention. Make sure your brand’s values are inline with their personal brand and think outside the box when it comes to what you can offer them in the partnership.


Tips for standing out: 

  • Pressbox-style packaging with a note from the founder or extra swag/products. 
  • Can you offer an ongoing commission as opposed to just a one-time payment?
  • Joint partnership. Maybe the content creator posts about your brand once, but you agree to re-post that content in future months giving them more exposure, and if they have a referral link, an extra opportunity to earn commission.


Number 3: Gifting Angle

The customer persona who buys your product as gifts may not be the same as your main customer persona. 

If you have a menswear brand as an example, wives/girlfriends/partners will be buying your products this season. Switch up the demographic you usually go for in content creators to also include gifters!


Number 4: Don’t make UGC content too specific

One thing to avoid when creating Q4 UGC content is that you don’t want to make content creators focus on a specific, limited-time promo/sale. 

If this creator resonates with your audience and the ad is working well in your campaigns, you don’t want to have to scrap it completely! 

We suggest making 80% of your content requests to a creator focused on evergreen messages, and the other 20% can be holiday or sale focused. 


Number 5: Make your content unique

More ad dollars, more eyes, and more content being consumed, means your UGC creators need to stand out from the rest! 

Encourage out-of-the-box ideas and make their first few sections of content grab the viewer’s attention. UGC content should start with an exclamation. 

For example: 

“I can’t believe this worked so well” or “I’m throwing out my {comparison} products” 

Jump into frame. Dance into frame. Fall into frame! (We all love to watch bloopers!)

Add a shocking intro: 

For coffee brands: Spill coffee on a white carpet, then pour again and go into product features videos. 

Premium Toothbrush brands: Use your old brush to scrub the toilet because you found something better. 

Anything that will make the audience shocked or slightly uncomfortable will grab attention. TikTok is the best place to look for creators if you are going for a humorous angle!

Thanks to the Pilothouse team for the awesome tips! 

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