Two approaches for St. Patrick’s Day promos

Two approaches for St. Patrick’s Day promos

Unless you’re a milkshake or party supply company, you’re not likely building in-depth product ties to St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an effective promotion opportunity.

Based on what worked last year, we asked Pilothouse Studios for some examples of influential St. Patty’s creatives we have queued up.

And we were not disappointed. These examples perfectly illustrate the flexibility and fun of the snake driving holiday. 🐍🍀

Big Blanket: bold and branded

Check out Big Blanket’s beautifully branded approach here in these two 6x9 creatives that highlight their forest green and gold product variants.

💥 The Flash Sale is a great way to create urgency, especially when tied to a lower profile holiday that not everyone remembers is happening (especially when their bar-hopping days are scarce.)

Speaking of scarcity, the creative on the left mentions “only 300 remaining” to further ramp up the urgency… lucky us.

The Big Blanket creative is an excellent example of creating a beautiful and striking promotion while staying on brand to celebrate St. Patty’s.

JustWears: Over the top hilarious

Other brands, like the UK’s JustWears can go a bit … wilder.

JustWear’s website refers to their intimates’ unique “segmented” design as “a palace for your phallus,” so we know they’re not holding back when it comes to the humor.

It’s rare that an ad actually makes you chuckle, but a ripped leprechaun in his undies sitting in a theater with an indoor rainbow might just do that.

If an ad does make you laugh, it’s likely an excellent scroll-stopper, and funny, topical ads like this are a great way to stay top o’ mind with your existing customers, as well.

If your brand can handle it, don’t be afraid to go over the top to find your pot o’ gold.

Whether you stick with bold, branded, and beautiful, or go completely over the rainbow with your creatives, don’t let another St. Patrick’s Day pass you by as an opportunity to engage your customer!

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