Traditional gifting angles don’t work for every product.

Traditional gifting angles don’t work for every product. We mean, seriously, who wants to find a toothbrush or a smart thermostat under the tree? 😂

Even if traditional gifting isn’t a hit for your product, you can still get crafty and take advantage of the holiday season! In fact, remaining topical on platforms like TikTok is essential, so if you can make something work, you should.

The Pilothouse team created this post-gifting angle for a client, which combined their top evergreen angle (a money-saving guarantee) with the general financial stress of the holiday season.

Just saying the product was a money saver didn’t seem quite enough. The team found it important to visualize the pile of gifts to invoke the overwhelming feeling of gift shopping. 😮‍💨

The audio chosen for the video was popular but also slightly hectic. The goal was to amp up the stress level while revealing MYSA’s product when the music picked up.

🧐 Want to know how this ad stacked up? Here’s the Pilothouse teams results from the first seven days of testing:

+15% decrease in cost-per-click

33% increase in conversion rate

33% increase in return on ad spend

*all stats compared to account average.

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