Tips for Mothers Day Promotional Campaigns


Mother’s Day is only a month away. This is your friendly reminder to plan a treat for the moms in your life, and to get your Mother’s Day promotional campaign up and running. 

We asked our new head of DTC+ Raven Dixon about her tips for crushing your promotional Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) campaigns. Here are some quick-hits to keep in mind this Mother’s Day season:

  • Appeal to emotions – Alexa, play “So Emotional” by Whitney Houston. Employing copy that has an emotional angle will perform best for Mother’s Day.
  • Gift cards – Your product may not be something customers want to buy for their mothers, but that doesn’t mean they won’t buy a gift card! That way, shoppers can buy for their moms without selecting items on their behalf. 
  • A promotion is a promotion – Don’t look past the opportunity to appeal to folks buying for themselves. If someone is interested in your brand, they’ll be interested in your Mother’s Day promotional code. Similarly, if your product doesn’t feel like something a customer would buy for their Mother, don’t despair – mothers like shopping for themselves too! Ultimately, this is an excuse for a promotion – just find a way to frame it that works for your brand. 
  • Target parents – Raven has seen success on Father’s Day campaigns targeting women with young kids under the age of three. With children too young to buy Father’s Day gifts for their parents, it's often partners who buy gifts for their significant other. This could also work for empty nesters!
  • Be consistent – If you run a Mother’s Day campaign at the ad level but not on the landing-page level, you’ll lose the sense of urgency and customers could bounce off your page. Your ad should scream urgency, and that same messaging should continue onto the landing page. 
  • Align your testimonials – Make sure your testimonials match your copy! If you’re using testimonials for a Mother’s Day promotion, make sure the testimonial says “I bought this for my Mom.” If the ad copy is for a Mother’s Day promo, and the testimonial doesn’t mention that angle, the ad will be disjointed and ineffective. 
  • Match your promo code to the campaign – If you’re just running one promo code, it needs to match your promotion to increase your sense of urgency. If you’re running a promotion for Mother’s Day, your code can’t be “WELCOME10” – consumers are smarter than that and know they can use it any time. “MOTHERSDAY10” is far stronger and indicates a briefer window of availability for that code. 
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