TikTok High Energy and Dynamic Content

This 60-second TikTok ad for Casetify (heavy-duty and durable phone cases) by Bryan The Diamond is perfect in every way!

Why it Works:

Bryan The Diamond is known on TikTok for his loud and energetic rants, and he takes them on a whole new level in this Casetify ad.

He starts the ad like he would any other post by addressing his audience directly. "Hey, Besties!" he says, before he gets into what led him to use Casetify.

🚨 Throughout the ad, he uses dramatic push-ins of the camera to emphasize his points. He changes the angles of his shot to stress the features/benefits of the product, making the content feel high energy and dynamic.

He also disrupts the ad by adding another type of content: screen recording.

He wraps it up with a charming CTA by encouraging his audience to use his discount code 15BRYAN when shopping.

This is how you make TikTok "Ads," people!

Check it out!

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