This ad strat is absolutely nuts…

If you’ve hit creative fatigue and your brand doesn’t have a ton of assets to pull from for your campaigns, this strategy is the perfect way to spice up your catalog. 👇

This ad is the perfect example of using an object to insinuate the product you're selling.

When paired with cheeky copy, this is an excellent tactic to peak scroller curiosity.

You avoid overly sales-y messaging and get the opportunity to increase your CTR while educating your audience on your product entertainingly.

The Pilothouse creative team was tasked with creating an ad that:

  • Has a high CTR ✅
  • Isn’t clickbait ✅
  • Isn't too scrappy ✅
  • Communicates an overall message ✅

Obviously, in this product's case, you can't be too literal with your imaging. If an audience is shown a boring picture of undies (like every other underwear ad out there), users may not bite.

But if your audience sees two random items they didn't expect to see and can make the correlation, there’s a higher chance they'll be curious enough to click through and hand that traffic over to the post-click experience.

The Pilothouse creative team also suggests using pastel colors: they’re in season (hello, spring!), and using pastels that aren’t normally in your creatives is a fantastic way to get your audience to slow their scroll.

Don't be afraid to get crazy with your creatives! If you're looking for more creative insights, check out Pilothouse! 🚀

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