Steal These 9 Amazon Copywriting Tips

We spend hours each week scrolling the Twittersphere so you don't have to (although we recommend you do!) 😉

Alex Garcia outlined the 9 tips Amazon uses to teach their employees how to be better copywriters. Here at DTC, we’re big advocates for leveling up your copy skills, so we thought we’d share the tips forward.

Let’s jump in:

  1. Keep your copy concise by using short sentences.
  2. Cut common phrases.
  3. Replace adjectives with data.
  4. Eliminate boring/weak words.
  5. Use the ‘so what’ test.
  6. Avoid adverbs.
  7. Be objective.
  8. Don’t use acronyms or jargon.
  9. Use subject-verb-object structure.

Becoming a better writer is a fabulous way to expand your marketing skillset. 🏆

Be sure to check out Alex’s full thread for examples of how to implement each step and examples of taking your copy to the next level. 🧵

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