Simplify you creative life with AI

Have you ever found yourself in a time crunch and your creative juices ran into a brick wall?

The DTC Newsie is about to bless that beautiful brain of yours… We’ve curated a list of Pilothouse’s favourite AI-powered websites to make your complicated creative life much easier.

If you’re not on the creative side of things, we highly recommend sharing it with your artsy fartsy friends.

🎥 Image/video editing services

Has a client handed you product footage or photo with the resolution of a potato? We’ve all been there.

Neural Love uses machine learning to upscale images and video up to 4k and colorizes black and white footage. The tool enhances realism by generating additional frames up to 60 fps and has the additional option of turning your footage into slow-mo.

Now that the video quality is top notch, you’re left with two hours of talking head footage that needs trimming down.. Timebolt uses AI to remove all the "umms" and "uhhs” automatically, then exports the footage directly to your editing software like Resolve or Premiere. Its system also works with multi-track audio, so it's great for first pass-through edits of podcasts!  

Need to update your product collection, and specify your processing options? is a bulk photo editor that will make your entire image collection eCommerce ready. The tool turns product photography into transparent PNGs… or do the opposite and resize and add backgrounds to transparent product images.

✍️ Animation

A $60/month animation software may seem overkill, especially when you're tasked with creating a gif of a corgi in a scarf. Jitter is a free browser-based motion design tool with a ton of motion graphic templates. The tool easily animates your designs and export your creations as videos or GIFs in your browser!

🎧 Audio

It can be slim pickings when it comes to royalty-free music, so spice up your ads/content audio with Soundraw. Generate royalty-free music based on a number of user-set fields like mood, length, tempo, instrument, and genre unique to your content. The licensing allows creatives to use the tunes on platforms like YouTube, monetized videos, client's commercial projects, and podcasts.  

⚙️ Productivity tool

Looking for the swiss army knife of all productivity tools? It’s as simple as dragging and dropping into TinyWow browser-based platform that converts any file including video, photo, and PDF! It’s completely free with no hourly limits or restrictions.

As a creative your time is valuable, and taking advantage of some of these tools will cut down that wasted time.

If we’ve missed any cool AI tools, reply to this email and let us know!

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