Should you add multiple links to your Facebook Ads?

✅YES! ✅

Check out this great find from Pilothouse media buyers James Duerkson and Stu Mason. 

“We split tested ads with the one primary link vs ads with several links at the bottom of the copy. Ads with multiple links had a 25% higher RoAS

“Theory: multiple links increased the perceived legitimacy of the company and therefore the ones who clicked through came in warmer.”

What’s crazy is that the CTR with multiple links is actually 40% lower. Stu explains, “I think that's part of the magic...customers get a sense of the offer just through the links we're sharing. So in a way it's a qualifying filter -- only people who are interested click through. As opposed to a more click-baity ad with an unknown link where you click through just to see what's up.

Example of multiple links at bottom of ad:

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A reader sent in this update. He tested multiple links where he linked out to blog posts at the bottom of his ad copy and saw a 311% increa

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