Say Goodbye to ‘The More the Merrier”

Ads are ads. Plain and simple. 👏

Scrollers know when they’re looking at one… so take the time they’ve given you and tell them why your product provides value

Consumers are looking for information upfront. No searching and no reading between the lines.

TruEarth’s  a pro at this. The ad above features:

  • A straightforward layout
  • A bold title that strikes an emotional response (laundry, right? 🙄)
  • A product image in its native setting and in use!

Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, souse them to your advantage. Showcase your product so that even people who scroll right past still get the gist!

In simple ads, the less = the better.

You don’t need to break the bank or empty the idea jar to create a winning ad. Drop a message to the beasts of creative generation – they’ve got inspiration (and the metrics to back it) out the wazoo. 🚀

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