Running sponsored display ads on a client's own ASINs.

Over the last couple months, the Pilothouse Amazon team has been running sponsored display ads on a client’s own ASINs. 

ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number

Most Amazon advertisers run competitor and branded sponsored products ads but we see very few branded sponsored display ads.

These ads can display in up to three placements and typically a competitor's product will show. 

For example: 👇👇

If a shopper landed on your product page by clicking an ad with a competitive placement, you paid for them to get there (and likely it wasn’t cheap 😒).

The shopper could bounce off the page to a competitor, for a fraction of the cost. 

To counter this, the team runs aggressive bidding on the client’s own ASINs with Sponsored display ads to ensure all of the client’s products are filling the three spots. 

This not only works to help upsell/cross-sell products from your own catalogue, but also typically increases conversion rate on the product page since that shopper is less likely to bounce off. 

Test this out for your own brand! 

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