Running Sponsored Brand Ads to your Amazon Store

Take advantage of competition-free space and run sponsored brand ads directly to your store page.

Store pages are one of the few spots on Amazon where listings and ads for competitor products won’t tempt your customer. Your store page is your time to shine!

Another benefit of a dialed in-store page? It can act as a landing page.

We recommend building out angle-specific pages that speak to targeted customer segments. You can then run brand ads straight to your store page.

Use the page to target what the customer is searching for and tell them why they should buy your product without competitors barging in.

Check out Nutrafol’s campaign. Their sponsored ad found at the top of search directs through to an excellent Amazon store page.

Skip the competition! Use sponsored brand ads to direct customers to your exclusive store page.

Thanks to the Pilothouse team for the killer Amazon insights. 🚀

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