Re-Engaging Email Subscribers Part 2: Winback Flows

Tula’s Winback offers a discount, and the headline “we never do this” makes it feel special. They also give free shipping, no minimum, and create urgency with a deadline.

Plus, their email includes social proof and highlights best-sellers to help re-engage buyers.

This Winback email from Gap combines a killer offer (40%!) with a sense of urgency. 

It also gives the customer a chance to update their preferences for better future email targeting, or unsubscribe if they aren’t interested.

🔨 Don’t forget to nail that subject line!

Remember, these customers haven’t engaged with your brand for a while, so your email will need to really grab their attention in their inbox.

Here are some examples of Winback subject lines we love:

  • “We’ll be here when you’re hungry” – Home Chef
  • “We TOTALLY need to catch up” – LOFT
  • “2 Free Pints! Because We Miss You ❤️” – eCreamery Ice Cream
  • “👋 Come Back & Enjoy 6 FREE Plates!” – Goodfood Market
  • “A lot has changed! NEW Special Offer Inside.” – MunchPak

😔 Subs still not engaging?

If subscribers go through your Winback Flow and still don’t engage, it may be time to Sunset them.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Re-engaging Your Email List: Sunset Flows!

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