Quick Tip for Tagging on Facebook

Facebook Ads is filled with all sorts of fun quirks that you can only figure out through trial and error. Case in point:

😖 Have you ever had issues with properly tagging a brand in a dark posting/white listed ad campaign in FB’s copy editor, when for some reason, Facebook won’t allow you search for the profile to tag with the @? 

Happens to us all the time posting and promoting our podcasts!

Hot Fix: You just need to edit more than one ad’s copy at once (i.e. the same two ads in different ad sets) and it will let you tag the FB profile in the copy, using the @ symbol.

We don’t know why it works, but it does 🤷‍♀️

Try it and let us know if it solves the issue. Also, reply back to this email with ANY little platform hacks you have that seem to just work and we’ll share them with the DTC world!

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