Q4 Content Guide: The One Piece of Content You Must Have

Today, we’re diving into the one piece of content you 100% need to have on each medium/platform. If you don’t have these creatives pumping, you might find yourself in a pickle (no, not the beloved Christmas pickle). 🥒

Now’s not the time to be leaving money on the table. These are the tried and true concepts that consistently drive performance YoY in Q4. Don’t skip them in your creative planning!

💻 Website

Your website’s homepage is where most prospective customers will land when searching for your brand. As a first touchpoint, your website is your opportunity to make a lasting first impression with your visual components.

So how do you get audience attention? Have some fun with it. In Q4, the team recommends trying out a seasonal-themed flatlay hero image, or investing in a holiday-themed feature-highlight hero video for your website.

Remember you want to make sure the visual content on your website:

  • Builds trust in the product
  • Helps viewers envision their life with the product
  • Demonstrates what the product can do / why its the best option

👍 Socials – organic

To keep your brand top-of-mind this holiday season, be sure to include both static and dynamic content in your organic strategy for visual interest.

With gifting being top of mind for most in Q4, association is the name of the game. Show your followers what the gifting experience can look like! Showcase the unboxing experience and the emotional response that follows.

Invest in seasonal content for your products which can also be used in your ad account. Content with gift boxes, ribbons, and stockings are great ways to bring your product to mind for gift-giving occasions.

Lean into creator-generated content! Unboxing, demonstration, screen-share, and testimonial videos are all examples of very powerful tools to build trust around your products and increase conversions this holiday season.

📧 Email

Some big ideas this season are lists and guides:

  • Most popular products this Black Friday
  • Door crashers
  • Holiday gift guide for her/him/them

Do a wrap-up of your must-have products and if there's a deal going on, find a way to incorporate it in the messaging.

📦 Amazon

Amazon experiences peak traffic in Q4. People are shopping for their crew (and themselves) so make sure you stand out.

Improve your chances of conversion at point-of-sale by adding a high-quality product demo or feature highlight video to your PDP page image reel. This same video can be used as a paid ad on Amazon to further impact conversions.

Check out this example of a product video optimized for Amazon:

💰 Paid ads

We asked the paid ads team, “What's one piece of content you can’t live without this holiday season?” And this is what they said!

1️⃣ Meta

Unboxing or the gift-giving experience! Make sure your brand is demonstrating why gifting is an important part of your business.

Make people consider why they should consider your product as a gift or why they should consider gifting it to themselves this holiday season.

2️⃣ Google

It's the holiday season, so making sure your entire Google platform reflects this is key.

Display ads: Include a holiday theme across all ads (this is important for any holiday approaching!) Always be relevant.

Breaking up the monotony of your average evergreen display ad is going to increase CTRs.

3️⃣ TikTok

It's time for the Duet to come out in full force. Try duetting your top five performing brand ads from the year.

Position the duet with no audio, the original audio, and react to the product as though you purchased it as a customer.

Bonus tip: Hold up a sign or paper that says a discount or a unique perspective of a selling point.

These are the creatives that are crushing for the Pilothouse team!

What creatives have been crushing for your accounts lately? Reply to this email and let us know the angle, creative format, and any results you want to share!

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