Prep For The Dark Days

Being a part of the DTC Team means that we're given access to some top-secret strategies from the depths of Slack groups belonging to one of the most creative and successful marketing agencies in Canada.

So to say we have some JUICY knowledge is an understatement… We got a creative strategy coming in hot from one of our personal favorite Slack groups, Pilothouse Content Management, that will help your brand find winning creatives for the slower months.

🧃The squeeze🧃

Pilothouse hit a stride on an account – let's call the brand Tepco. Their performance was unmatched and resembled a prime Barcelona circa 2009 (niche reference, but we swear it's worth a Google).

Tepco riding the wave of success was just not enough… As Barca fans know, everything comes to an inevitable slump. Knowing that the slump is unavoidable, Pilothouse took its recent success on Tepco as an opportunity to prepare for the slower, less creative times.

The preparation consisted of gathered learnings and a strong data foundation from incremental testing that they felt confident and comfortable relying on when the going got tough.

🧱How Pilothouse found the foundation

Knowing that Tepco was about to be primed for some solid scale and spend – Pilothouse prepped for much bigger pushes. But then Tepco confessed that they were concerned about the projections for June (client transparency is important, folks).

Historically, June has been the second-worst month for consumption. So Pilothouse set out to optimize higher spend/increased traffic period rather than just maximizing spend to avoid a future creative slump in a month that already isn’t projecting well.

📝 Side note:

For some context, when Pilothouse is approaching optimization vs. maximization, they look at it like running a marathon:

  • Slowly but strategically letting bursts of energy go = optimization


  • Givin' er all you got for a short period of time = maximization

In the face of a crappier month, the content team wanted to crank out sure winners – by optimizing high-quality ideas/concepts for Tepco, all while they still could TEST content for upcoming June.

When your brand has success, mine the data points! Mining and collecting data from successful campaigns ensures you have the tools you need to replicate in the slower months. This means noting and saving your top performing creatives!

Give your team the time to create new FRESH, INTENTIONAL, and DATA DRIVEN creatives while having a strong base of winners to rely on during the slow summer blues.

Summer should be a time of sunshine and smiles, not creative fatigue and sadness. If your brand needs a hand with some creative strategy, don't be shy and reach out to our friends at Pilothouse!

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