Pre-Q4 Promo Testing

September?! A-a-already?! 👀 It’s time ya’ll. Time to get promo testing, that is. ⏰

Q4 is right around the corner, and September/early October are PRIME months to test different promo structures for brands who are newer to testing offers or want to shake things up.

The most prepared and marvelous Meta team we know are currently working with brands internationally to test offer structures on Facebook as we head into a prosperous Q4.

Here are a few offers they’re testing:

🤔 $ vs % off offers

Dollar and percent off can be perceived differently! We recommend testing both – even if the value is nearly identical – to understand what resonates with your audience.

🤑 Tiered discounts

Consider offering a percentage or dollar amount off orders over a certain price point!

Tiered offers can work well to combine free shipping (eg. Save up to $100 PLUS enjoy free 1-day shipping).

🎁 Gift with purchase offers

Find a gift that’s relevant to your flagship product and offer it for free to purchasers. People LOVE free stuff.

🕒 Gift card/promo code with purchase

The Pilothouse team recommends promo codes with an expiration date to push urgency and drive repeat sales XX days after the initial purchase.

🆓 Free shipping offers

If free shipping isn’t already included with all purchases on your site, test it out!

Why all the testing now? 🤨 It’s best to head into BFCM knowing that your offer will hit instead of testing mid-November and pivoting at the last minute.

This way, you can take the winning offer and:

  • Incorporate it into your November promo calendar.
  • Prep Facebook, TikTok, and email creative with the winning offer.
  • Tailor ad copy using the offer.

And ultimately, crush Q4 💸💸💸 Happy testing! 🔬

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