Planning For Holiday Campaigns on TikTok

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and consumers are getting ready to spend, spend, spend. 💰

According to TikTok’s Holiday commerce guide, the three biggest shopping dates for the holidays are:

  • Nov 25th, Black Friday
  • November 28th, Cyber Monday
  • Dec 26-31, post-holiday sales

Wanna win big on these key dates? Steal these data-driven practices to help you take advantage of when consumers are more likely to be making purchases. 🛍️


Now’s the time to start gathering creative assets ASAP for each shopping period. Remember to use holiday specific messaging.

Plan your prospecting and retargeting campaigns for the shopping event that’s attached to each shopping date!

👻 October 1-15

Launch your prospecting campaigns for lower funnel events like add to cart and purchase.

In this stage, you should be targeting broadly. Allow the algorithm to find the best audiences for your brand!

🎃 October 16-31

Now’s the time to expand your audience targeting with Lookalike audiences and interest-based targeting.

Use the data tab on your ad sets to guide custom audiences.

🎁 November 1-30

In this timeframe, you should start to shift 10% of your budget to retargeting campaigns.

Use top audiences and top creative to maximize the performance of retargeting.

Adjust this budget according to performance.

🎉 Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holidays & Post Holiday sales

To get the most out of your performance, consolidate spend into top audiences and creatives.

Scale your top-performing campaigns. TikTok advises 20-30% per day.

However, the Pilothouse TikTok team found that campaigns can be scaled rapidly by increasing budgets until performance begins to plateau.

Unlike Meta, TikTok has shown more flexibility with sudden budget changes, with cases of 200%+ spend increases in a single day while maintaining efficiency.

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