Overcoming Influencer Performance Dips

Remember when it was easy to get killer performance results from influencers? That memory’s feeling pretty distant these days… 

Social media is bursting with influencer ads, and users are scrolling through them faster than ever. 

We asked our influencer aficionados: how do brands overcome influencer performance dips

🌒 Go dark

Getting an influencer to agree to darkposting can be HUGE for boosting performance. Some clients have even seen ads triple in ROAS, just from switching from an organic ad to one that is darkposted.

A 'darkpost' is an ad that appears only in selected news feeds via the influencer and does not appear on anyone's main feed (including the influencers).

Darkposted Ads:👇

  • Appear far more organic
  • Better resonate with viewers
  • Typically offer a higher reach

You need to crush the competition. No matter how your ad gets posted, you still have to stand out. Here are three things that can transform your influencer-led creatives:

💅 Influencers influence

It’s in the name, so let influencers do what they do best: Influence

Too many times, influencers are limited by clients, prompting them to create the same generic ads. Let influencers flex their creativity. You’ll often be pleasantly surprised!

🪝 Captain hook

Attention spans might as well not exist on social media, so you have to act QUICK. 

Get quirky and creative with the hooks in your ads. Work with your influencers to come up with fresh and exciting ways to start your ads with a bang! 💥

👀 Micro-influencers have major impact

We now live in the world of the micro-influencer. These accounts typically have higher engagement, quicker turnaround times, and cost FAR less than major influencers. If you can save money and get better results at the same time, what’s there to lose? 🤷

🗓 Be in it for the long haul

Just because you see a dip in your influencer marketing doesn’t mean it is time to throw in the towel! It means it’s time to pivot and try something new. 

Take some creative risks, push the boundaries, partner with a team to help you out, and remember to let influencers influence!

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