🚨 Newsflash! 🚨 You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need new ad creative content!

This simple box shot… yes, just a picture of products in their shipping box, was the top performer in a Pilothouse client’s ad account.

ROAS: 1.87

Spend: $82,984

Purchases: 590

Link clicks: 11,116

Not convinced yet? Here’s another client’s stats:

ROAS: 1.76

Spend: $550,000

Revenue: $970,000

You read that right… almost $1M in revenue from a picture of a box! 💸

It’s that simple. Test out a box shot for your products and let us know how it goes!

Looking for content strategy hacks like this one? The Pilothouse Meta team has plenty more tricks up their sleeve. 👀

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