Meta Madness

Meta Madness 🤯

Media buyers often wonder just how inflated Facebook Ads' reach is?

Their question may soon be answered…  

A US court recently ruled to certify a class-action lawsuit alleging that Meta had sold ads based on a very inflated potential reach and then swept it directly under the rug 🧹

A case was filed back in 2018 by an eCommerce business that spent over $1 million on ads alongside a firearm accessory business that spent around $350, showing that the accusations impact both big and small businesses.

This type of case is not new for Meta.

Earlier, the Video Advertising Bureau filed a lawsuit against Meta and stated that Meta’s estimated audience reach was higher than its population in every U.S state.

The case brought forward now may include more than 2 million advertisers!

Meta had shown plaintiffs the inflated reach of over 200 million people before applying any targeting. Each case had shown a very similar percentage of inflation.

The plaintiffs stated they wouldn't have put the sizable budget on Meta if they knew the potential reach was inflated.

Stated in the court document, Meta claims that “updates” were put into place that stabilized its audience reach estimates.

Meta also fought class-action status as there was limited evidence showing that the class members had collectively used metrics to structure ad budgets.

Bruh… 🤦‍♂️

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