Maximizing Amazon Prime Day

Maximizing Amazon Prime Day

By Pilothouse Amazon Team

Amazon Prime day is just around the corner (October 13-14). It’s the 2 days day where sellers compete for the added attention of this new “holiday” by offering discounts on Amazon. You give up margin, but as a lead in to BFCM, it’s an excellent way to get the purchase data flowing early. 

Lots of the work for Prime Day is done the months leading up to it including building and solidifying rank for your top keywords and maximizing your listing conversion rate. But, when it comes to the day of, how do you ensure you’re ready to take full advantage of Prime Day traffic?

Here are a few tips:

Increase your keyword bids

It’s going to get competitive so increase your bids to ensure you’re winning the auction.  If you’re using a Bid Management software, increase your Max ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) setting to give your campaigns room to bid up. 

Raise your budgets

As bids rise, budgets are going to be spent faster so give them some extra room in preparation (2-3x) or watch them like a hawk on the day of, ready to increase.

Optimize your listing

Amazon is the biggest mall on the internet, and Prime Day will have A LOT of window shoppers. If you’re paying to send traffic to your listing, you’ve got to make sure that money is well spent. Make sure your title and bullets contain your highest value keywords and sell the benefits of your products. Ensure your listing images and A+ content are professional, and show off your product at its best.

Own your branded keywords

If you’re not already, consider leveraging your branded keywords.  There will be brand aware customers that are likely to check Amazon for a Prime Day Discount. These campaigns typically make for easy sales and high returns.

Research to find your negative keywords

With the increased traffic, spend is going up and you don't want to be spending a whole bunch of extra money on keywords that don’t convert. Comb through your search term reports, or use 3rd party software to identify search terms that you’re paying for clicks but are irrelevant, or just not converting.

Try ASIN Targeting and Facebook to Amazon Campaigns

Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) targeting campaigns allow you to target the EXACT products you want to show up as suggested products for. These are some of our top performing PPC campaigns.  On a day like Prime Day ensure these are dialled, as people browse for deals being featured on high traffic competitors can result in some big returns without much bid competition. 

Facebook to Amazon campaigns - driving traffic to Amazon from Facebook can be a great way to promote your sale. We typically offer a slightly better discount to Facebook customers with a Unique Promo Code, that way we can track sales via the code, and know how hard to push Facebook spend. 

Prime Day is an Investment for BFCM

Prime Day is not a day to look for low ACOS, but rather maximize the most sales possible through a target ACOS. Understand that ACOS is likely to rise above typical, but Organic sales are going to rise from the increased traffic. 

2020’s Prime Day has landed quite a bit later than usual and will likely be the largest traffic increase on the site until Black Friday. Brands that take advantage of Prime Day to rank up their catalog as much as possible will be in the best position going into the holiday season; brands that don’t will fall even further behind their competitors on the platform. 

If managed correctly though, you can make a ton more sales, at your target Total ACOS, and get a huge ranking boost -- just in time to take advantage of the holiday traffic. 

For a quick look at last year’s biggest winners on Amazon Prime day, check this out.  If you’re looking for more help in the Amazon channel for your brand, just reply to this email and we’ll connect you to the Pilothouse team.

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