Looking To Half Your Conversion Costs on TikTok?

Nobody wants to pay more to have customers convert… The goal is to pay as little as possible to gain sales, build your list, and (hopefully) create loyal customers and repeat purchasers. ✅

We’ve got the inside scoop that Display Cards are the new interactive element to take your TikTok ads to the next level.

Display cards, unlike interactive stickers:👇

  • Offer more customizability
  • Have a delayed trigger to avoid scaring off viewers trained to swipe away from ads
  • Look far more branded and natural

You can use TikTok Display Cards to show off sales, flash those discount codes, and inform scrollers about promotions.

To set up Display Cards, navigate to the interactive elements tab in the TikTok ad creation menu. You’ll find three customizable presets and the option to upload your own custom card!

Don’t worry. We won’t lead you astray. The Pilothouse TikTok team have been testing and are sharing their results with you. They tested Display Cards on a client account, and here’s what they found:

💰  After 12k in ad spend, the TikTok experts found that the winning Display Card ads drove conversions at HALF the CPA (cost per acquisition) of the account average. If you have content that’s winning and you’re looking to iterate, try Display Cards.

🚨 Recommendation: The team recommends split testing all three preset cards against different winning creatives. They found the first worked best, but it doesn’t hurt to test and even try making your own custom cards!

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