Liquid Death - Facebook ads

If you’re looking to take a different approach with your ad creative, then take a peek at Liquid Death.

This brand has mastered what it means to create scroll-stopping, hilarious social media ads, and we’re going to show you nine of them right here.

1️⃣ Hydrate or die t-shirt

If you know Liquid Death, you know they push their merch in many of their ads. But in every case, they tie in their brand voice.

This ad features a Halloween-style t-shirt, which makes sense since they ran it in October 👻

The ad copy supports the actual product. “Killer hats, killer shirts, killer merch” is aligned with not just the brand name but what they stand for: death to plastic.

Even though hashtags aren’t often used in social media ads, Liquid Death uses one to introduce their tagline where shoppers will want to learn more about what it means.

To improve this ad, we recommend Liquid Death use a punchier headline than just “Liquid Death Mountain Water.” There’s a great opportunity to pull more attention here with a play on words similar to the rest of the copy.

2️⃣ Grandma Patricia

Some of Liquid Death’s ads are on the simpler side. Then there’s this one—a video that’s funny and trendy in a TikTok-esque fashion.

Ad creative like this gets people talking or makes them think about their own grandparents, which is a great way to immediately connect Liquid Death with its target customers.

For the headline, it’s helpful to say that the product comes in a 12-pack. Our suggestion for this ad is to be more creative with the copy of the headline.

3️⃣ Buy 2 get 2

At first glance, Liquid Death’s “buy 2 get 2” ad isn’t designed like a typical ad you would see on social media, but after reading the copy, the joke is clear—and it’s a clever one.

Users go through an emotional journey right from the first sentence. At first, it’s exciting to read “best offer yet,” and it drives interest toward the following sentence. By the time they read the next sentence, the humor behind the ad comes out. 🤪

Since this ad leans more on the humor side and less on the salesy side, the landing page will be what gets the audience to actually convert. The LP should stay on brand with the messaging and humor, so the journey from the ad to the page feels smooth.

There’s also a chance to get more creative with the headline once again.

4️⃣ Memorial day

The discount with Liquid Death’s memorial day offer is a true win-win for both the brand and the customer.

By giving the offer to people who purchase four cases, the customer gets perceived value for purchasing more for less, and Liquid Death drives up its AOV.

The copy builds excitement for the upcoming long weekend. People reading it will already be making plans, and Liquid Death will then be associated with positive, fun psychological feelings.

By adding a deadline to the offer, “48 hours left,” customers are hit with a sense of urgency, making them act immediately on purchasing.

The ad imagery shows customers that Liquid Death offers both still and sparkling water. We think it’d be interesting to run an A/B test between still vs. sparkling to see if one type of product performs better.
The blue banner is also a bit distracting in the creative. Something like that may be a better fit on the landing page to keep the ad less cluttered.

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