Limited Ad Budget Available? No Problem

Are you feeling burnt out on Meta ads? If you answered yes, you’re not alone.

Our Twitter scrolling this week brought us this thread by Cody Plofker from Jones Road Beauty outlining “7 Growth Methods That Are Not FB Ads”. We thought the thread was too good not to share!

💰 Affiliate marketing

Snoozing on affiliates is no longer an option. Cody outlined that there are publishers with more eyes on them than you could possibly imagine.

He suggests getting them to sample your product, learn about your brand, and offer them a compelling commission.

📸 Influencer marketing

Find people with a big following to talk authentically about your brand, and the customers are bound to come rolling in.

Cody thinks you should do the following: (1) see products for free, (2) pay them to post, (3) pay on a CPA as an affiliate.

He also outlined that people now get their entertainment and news from smaller creators. Leverage those audience to increase your reach.

🎞 TikTok ads

Although Cody’s spending much less on TikTok than Meta, they’re currently acquiring customers cheaper on TikTok. It’s a fantastic place to reach a new audience at a reasonable price.

Get creative with it! At Jones Road Beauty, they’re using TikTok ads to acquire potential customer emails with a quiz.

▶️ YouTube ads

While Cody thinks TikTok is great for lower average order value (AOV) brands, he also thinks YouTube can make a killing for high AOV brands.

📰 Newsletter ads

We may be a bit biased on this one, but we totally agree!

His thread outlines that newsletter ads are great for tracking as they’re majority click-based.

🚚 Out of home

Although Jones Road Beauty hasn’t dabbled in this one yet, it’s still made the list!

Specifically, in this section, he writes about trucks plastered with your creative. He also notes that, “Customers don't think they are ads, they just think they're your trucks.” Seems like a win-win to us.

📫 Direct Mail

Jones Road Beauty is launching their first direct mail test for Black Friday/Cyber Monday with existing customers.

Who doesn’t love getting mail?! As long as it’s not more bills, we’re in!

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