Let’s Get Testing

DTC brands love to partner with creators to create assets used for ads, social, and more. Using UGC (from creators, influencers, or your audience) is a surefire tactic to share engaging, authentic content on your feeds and drive engagement.

👩‍🍳 Did you know that a dish will go through many trials before being added to a menu and served to customers? Think of your creative assets in the same way!

But how do you know if the content your creator sends over is up to snuff? 🤔

Test it.

Here’s how from the team at Pilothouse Studios:

1️⃣ Version one: Raw

In your first version, there’s no need to break out the entire marketing toolkit. Leave the content as raw as raw can be. No extra seasoning here.

This means no major cuts and no added background music!

2️⃣ Version two: Raw, subtitles, and closing card

It’s time to spice it up a little bit. In this stage, we’re looking to add a little salt and pepper. 🧂

Your second version should include subtitles (in a platform-relevant way), emotional music or background beats, and a closing CTA on your end card.

3️⃣ Version three: Something different

Now’s the time to add some real spice to your video – think fresh herbs and spices and that one waaay too expensive ingredient you picked up just for this recipe.

Here’s what we suggest:

  • A mashup showing reactions and hyping up the product with background music.
  • Using the content as the main audio track and running b-roll footage showing the purchase process, value propositions, or the creation process of your product.
  • Adding a title to the top that is attention-grabbing and relevant to your product and the video. Usually, the speaker mentions a little key nugget that gives the viewer a reason to watch.

Check out this example: 👇

4️⃣ Bonus – version four: Value proposition or comment and your authentic response

If you want to go the extra mile, try out this fourth variation in your testing.

If you get a common question, hesitation, or comment about your product, use your creator's video to answer it.

Try posting the question on one side of the video and have the creator talking on the other.

🧪 What to look for in testing

You’re testing for a reason here, folks! Your objective is to test the creatives against each other to see which outshines the rest.

Our Studios source says to be on the lookout for key metrics in your dash, like click-through rate (CTR) and unique clicks. Although those just show attention-grabbing capacity and not necessarily conversion, they can help you refine your openers.

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