It’s Our Time of Year Again!

We get it, the holidays can be overwhelming. 😮‍💨

But with a few swift actions, you can use the holiday season to enhance your brand’s credibility, communicate effectively with your audience, and curate a stellar post-purchase experience.

Make it the most wonderful time of year with a holiday plan that supports the culture of your brand and its consumers. Let’s dive in! 👇

☎️ For the cost of a quick phone call…

Meta has one of the lowest CPC rates across all the social media giants ($0.94), so don’t discount the channel from your holiday campaigns.

While the audience can be difficult to navigate, optimizing your campaigns for more targeted demographics can help reduce your overall ad spend and increase your ROI.

Feeling burnt out on Meta? 🧑‍🚒 Consider shifting some of your ad spend to other platforms and experiment with:

1️⃣ Twitter

2️⃣ TikTok

3️⃣ Reddit

4️⃣ LinkedIn

5️⃣ Amazon

6️⃣ Quora

🔭 Discoverability relies on credibility

It’s time to update your social media profile pages and ensure each page has valid contact information. This will help support existing relationships and help deliver an exceptional post-purchase experience. 💪

Remember, transparency leads to positive first impressions. So if you fail to provide shoppers with reviews, fair return policies, and valid contact info’, your brand integrity might fall into question.  

💸 Less clicks = more sales

Focus on cutting down friction in the customer journey and reduce the amount of clicks it takes for a customer to buy something.

Review the checkout process on your website. Let multiple people, including yourself, reach the cart with a product and reflect on these questions:

  • How long did it take?
  • Were there any pauses in the process?
  • Could they find their product(s) easily?
  • Did any questions arise without visible answers?

These details greatly affect your conversion rate when people need last-minute gifts. 🎁

If you’re in the US and qualify for Instagram Shopping, Checkout on Instagram is a must! Within 3-5 seconds, customers have likely decided if they will be choosing your brand over another. Make every second count.

🤫 Don’t use your words

Hashtags and emojis can be used on just about any major social media platform and here at DTC, we use emojis to communicate tone and voice. Mimic this for your brand!

Emojis are tools that communicate emotion. Use short descriptions to accompany them and enhance your message or punctuate something important. 😉

Keep your hashtags brief to make them memorable and to support your brand discoverability.

Start a hashtag trend with one of your products to keep your community engaged. Hashtag trends also allow you to mine social media for user-generated-content (UGC) which can be leveraged to reach new audiences and grow your organic socials.

💪 Get physical, stay digital

Though the return to physical spaces can be a refreshing experience, continue your enthusiastic approach to eCommerce and social media marketing.

Provide VIP experiences through targeted marketing, tailored customer support, and a ‘customer-first’ return policy. All of these factors lead to a confident brand that your audience will swear by in recommending your products to their family and friends without even setting foot in a store!

Got a DTC holiday season hack to share? Hit reply and let us know! 💝

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