Is your creative falling flat? Reshape your mindset

Creativity is the cornerstone of showing viewers how your brand provides value.

Sometimes creativity can feel like a perfect storm, and other times it’s a slow grind. When you hit a creative rut, it can be helpful to identify the different kinds of thinking that go into creativity. 🧠

The Creative Team at Pilothouse wants to help you level up your creative thinking, so check out these insights from futurist Adam Jorlen that we’ve been geeking out on lately.

The thesis is that by focusing your creativity on these five types of thinking, we can mine new ideas and levels of creativity.

1️⃣ Divergent

  • If you’re able to draw connections where others might not see them and look at more than just singular elements, you may be a divergent thinker.
  • The divergent thinker can come up with radically new ideas or directions.
  • If everyone is thinking about going left, they would go right. It's rebellious, abstract, and post-modern.

2️⃣ Lateral

  • Lateral thinking doesn’t involve a straight line from problem to solution.
  • Letting go of assumptions allows your creativity to find new options or solutions.
  • To quote Jorlen, "divergent thinking is following an extreme path, while lateral thinking is following the least likely path."

3️⃣ Aesthetic

  • The word aesthetic has weaved its way into our everyday language.
  • The key to aesthetic creative is going beyond what looks nice and seeking to find harmonious patterns in your pursuits.

4️⃣ System

  • System thinking simply put, is the ability to understand how things function as isolated concepts, and then how they interact to create a whole.
  • It’s important to understand the hierarchy, placement, and use different isolated things, and then connect the dots between them all.

5️⃣ Inspirational

  • Inspirational thinking is that weird experience of 'having a breakthrough' or feeling like some insight or idea comes from the great beyond. 💡

What type of thinker are you? Do you think marketers are more susceptible to one type of thinking than another? 🤔

If you’re in a creative rut or need some new and fresh creative angles, reach out to the Pilothouse creative team! 🚀

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