iOS 14 Update: Action Items + Performance Strategies

OS 14 isn’t the most glamorous topic (Thank you, Apple) but it’s crucial we keep you up-to-date. Over the past month, we’ve spent lots of time gathering information and talking with our Facebook experts at Pilothouse. 

If you’re familiar with the beast that is iOS14, skip down to “Performance strategies to deploy” for our latest advice. If not, stick around for the full run down.  

First, a reminder of the changes taking place: 

Apple will be forcing all mobile apps in its store to present a popup to users which will give them the option to opt-out of traditional tracking methods used by Facebook and Google.

Keep in mind, the determining factor will be the number of iOS14 users that opt-in or opt-out. Since it hasn’t launched, this is yet to be determined by anyone.

Here’s what we know will be affected (Facebook only)  

  • Default attribution window in Facebook is changing from a 28-day click, 1-day view to 7-day click, 1-day view (in the new default view, any purchases that happen on day 8-28 after clicking a Facebook ad will no longer show in Facebook Ads Manager).
  • Optimization events will be limited to 8 events
  • Opted-out iOS14 users will be sharing fewer data points with Facebook.
  • Exclusion audiences will become less effective (ie. purchasers will still see ads).

Other items that COULD be affected: 

  • Attribution confusion for users who opted-out. Facebook will be moving to a predictive model of attribution (potentially less accurate).
  • Reporting on Facebook may look worse, even if the performance doesn’t actually change on the backend.
  • Without a real-time stream of iOS user data, it could affect the ad platform’s algorithm and its ability to target users the way it currently does.

Action items we suggest taking: 

  • Verify domains and/or SDKs have been updated.
  • Ensure the Facebook pixel and account settings comply.
  • Establish performance benchmarks pre-release.
  • Update automated rules to use the new attribution window settings.
  • Pre-select & prioritize the 8 optimization events. 

Performance strategies to deploy: 

  • Preemptively adjusting attribution windows to the new default.
  • Broadening audience targeting, in order to rely less on custom audiences.
  • Developing creative strategies that take into account the less precise targeting.
  • Working with FB reps to build personalized campaign strategies based on specific account impacts.

iOS 14 is a lot to understand. Take a deep breath and know that we’ll continue supporting you with updates and clarifications in the newsletter and on our Twitter

Resources to explore: 

Written by Pilothouse@tschreiber23 

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