Inspo for Creative and Uber-Clickable CTAs

“Shop Now.” “Learn More.” “Sign Up.”

Good ol’ classic CTAs.

But don’t they just get a little… boring? 🥱

Yeah, we think so too. After all, the text you use on your CTA buttons is not just a conversion tactic. It’s an opportunity to let your brand voice shine and bring a smile to your customer’s faces.

Now, we’re not suggesting swearing off the almighty “Shop Now” for good, but it might not hurt to test some variations on your CTAs. You might be surprised how they perform!

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the most unique (and utterly clickable) CTAs we’ve seen lately. 👇

🏊‍♂️ Huckberry: “JACKNIFE!”

This CTA from a Huckberry sales email has us stoked for summer (and these groovy swim trunks!) Fun and relevant catchphrases can be a simple swap for the usual “Shop” button.

🍑 Tushy: “SIGN MY A** UP”

Instead of the same old “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” which a savvy shopper is likely to ignore… Tushy’s pop-up catches your attention with a well-placed potty pun.


Here’s another fun one from Tushy for good measure (their website is full of creative CTAs if you need inspo’). Who doesn’t want to feel like a king or queen on their porcelain throne?

💀 Liquid Death: “KILL PLASTIC”

This CTA is spot-on for Liquid Death’s branding and a refreshing alternative to the typical “Learn More” button. (This link takes you to a page about why aluminum is environmentally superior to plastic.)


We dig this double-meaning CTA text by Super Coffee. Positive energy ✨ and positive energy ☕. Clever.

🦖 MeUndies: “ENTER THE PARK”

The perfect CTA for a limited-edition Jurassic Park collection. (Let’s face it, ALL the copy here by MeUndies is killer. 👌)

🍸 Seedlip: “HAPPY SIPPING”

This CTA by Seedlip is the definition of uber-clickable. Instead of inviting customers to “Shop” or “Buy,” they’re proposing a Garden Party with delicious mocktails. Yes, please!

Eddie at VeryGoodCopy: “💔 💔 💔”

Who says you have to stick to text in your CTAs? Using emojis is another effective way to portray emotion, show personality, and stimulate curiosity (which ultimately leads to clicks). Plus, you can get super creative with them!

🕺 Four Sigmatic: “DECLINE WITH REGRET.”

Sometimes it’s less about the text on the CTA and more about the experience after you click.

In this email (a webinar invite) from Four Sigmatic, we found ourselves thinking “hmmm… wonder what happens if you decline?”

To our delight, the link led to a Finnish Disco Lesson video on YouTube (which, in our humble opinion, is 5000% a must-watch). Props to Four Sigmatic for taking advantage of this small opportunity to make their customer’s day. 👏

🥣 Off Limits Cereal: “CEREAL SUCKS :(”

This pop-up from Off Limits Cereal uses a similar tactic. What could possibly happen if (in the unlikely case you’re a psychopath, of course) you clicked “cereal sucks :(“?

We put on our detective hats to find out… and got taken to this TikTok video about why, in fact, cereal does NOT suck. Genius.

👉 We hope you’re officially inspired to step outside that CTA box, surprise and delight your customers, let that brand personality shine and who knows, maybe even see your click-through rates soar!

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