🔍 Inside Insights

Have you checked your TikTok Ads Manager recently? If so, you may have noticed that a new tool called Audience Insights is now available.

This tool provides detailed information about your current followers on TikTok and how to expand your reach with informed predictions. 📈

TikTok separates Audience Insights into four categories:

1️⃣ Discovery

Learn who is interacting with your hashtag strategy. Take it one layer further by understanding hashtag engagement by creator category or by type of engagement.

For example, you’ll be able to know if males under 40 are interacting with your #MondayMotivation tag or if creators in the beauty category are loving #FoundationFridays.

2️⃣ Validation

Do you have some pressing questions about your following?

High-level metrics for a specific audience are now available to assess. TikTok highlights being able to see “demographics, behaviors, and interests” and then validate that information through “quantitative and qualitative data.”

As a wellness brand, you could confirm health nuts are actually on TikTok and engaging with wellness content.

3️⃣ Inspiration

TikTok suggests that Insights will help you discover audiences based on that very same data used to validate your audiences.

As a wellness brand, you may have avoided marketing to the beauty crowd, but perhaps there’s a select group of creators looking to hydrate properly so that their skin actually appears as radiant as they claim it is!

4️⃣ Interest

Determine ad categories that speak to your audience. You can discover that certain themes, visual styles, or music increases the performance of certain ads.

You can incorporate these insights into future campaigns targeting specific demographics of your audience.

🤯 Knowledge is power

Be sure to leverage every tool available on one of the fastest-growing and competitive platforms out there. With Audience Insights, you’re not only able to generate your own data, but TikTok is giving you considerable access to data generated by users across the platform.

If you decide to try something different and target a new audience, keep it simple. TikTok can transform amateur content into a viral sensation, so a one-off video could be the key to growing your audience in new and unexpected ways.

Have you tried out the Audience Insights tool? Feel free to share your surprising discoveries and reply to our email!

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