How to forge a winning TikTok ad 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♀️🕴🏻🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️

With so many brands entering the TikTok space, it's hard to stand out from the crowd.

TikTok’s content format rewards organic authenticity, so it can be a struggle for any brand to stop the consumer in their tracks.

All it takes is some ol’ fashion storytelling, dipping those toes in some testing, and making it easily replicable. So keep that chin up, soldier!

People love an underdog story, especially when TikTok is that temperamental bully who doesn’t appreciate your brand's quirks, braces, and glasses. 🤓

📝 Cue the glow-up montage

Let your brand be its quirky self; refine your brand story, and make sure it's concise and digestible. Nothing too complicated so that it can fit in a 10-15 second video, but also nothing too simple that people lose interest.

Trends are great, but it’s hard to hop onto that brief wave. Remember that people love a good story, and trend-chasing isn’t storytelling.

When you’re feeling out what content works, don't get too attached to an idea.

It’s like pottery. You might think you’re making a vase, but you end up with a bowl… But hey, the bowl works (and could even be your new best-selling product)! 🤷‍♂️

Short-form testing allows for quick and accessible feedback on multiple varying subjects.

When you are starting to think about what type of ad testing you want to use, narrowing the ad down to three elements:

  • What audio is crushing?
  • What visuals are doing well?
  • What do people like to hear in that voice-over?

Isolate those elements and forge an understanding of what wins and what loses. Apply the winners moving forward, and leave what is lost behind.

Source your content to allow recycling. Request content without any background audio and adding that in afterward. That allows you to isolate each of the three elements independently.

Then? Replicability. You’ve found audio that works, visuals that usually hit, and a voice-over that always trends. None of that matters if it’s difficult to replicate consistently.

Generation fidget toys 🐿

In TikTok, the first three seconds are vital. The app's structure makes content easy to pass over.

So how do you draw the eyes and slow the scroll?

The three-second starter pack (we’ll make it brief):

  • Show the product
  • A pain point that the product solves
  • Use a voice-over
  • Talk about the number of products sold
  • Use social proof!

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