How Can You Resonate With Your Customers?

Everyone wants a winning piece of content – something that represents the brand and how your product can help customers.

Ask yourself: 👇

  • Do you know why people are buying your product?
  • Have I ever asked the customer without a bias or without intention?
  • How do you know they are telling the truth?

It’s no secret that popular products can be polarizing online. It’s a constant battle between product supporters and haters. Billie hates you for catching success and “selling out”, but Cindy thinks there’s no other beverage in the world like yours, served by people like yours. 🤯

Here’s how the Pilothouse Team gets the real honest responses from customers:

💬 Ask purchasers to share their thoughts in a feedback survey!

People who have purchased your product are a perfect case study to find out why they bought it. If they buy it twice, then those are the ones who might have some answers you never thought about.

🎨 Get creative with your angles and messaging!

Consider the angle you want to test and launch multiple creatives that are similar in design (design being your control metric). Have different messaging and imagery that are aligned with the angle you want to test.

Measure the success of your angle testing with conversions, not CTR. This is your time to think outside of the box – try different genders, perspectives, text, features, benefits, etc.

🧐 Start scrolling through your ad comments!

The thing about the so-called ‘keyboard-warriors’ is that they’re brutally honest behind their screens (sometimes too honest 😂).

Read through your FB/IG ad comments and see what people are saying in both the hate and love comments. You never know the gold available for taking.

🌟 Don’t forget about your product reviews!

Read your product reviews through the lens of an advertiser. Scan for keywords people mention, stories about consumers using your product, or reasons why they chose you over your competitor!

Use these tips to get yourself out of a creative dry spell. But if you find yourself still stuck in the rut, reach out to the Pilothouse Creative team!

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