Holiday Creative Corner

We asked Alex Ortega, Content Manager at Pilothouse, to geek out about his favorite creative client Wüfers, cookie boxes for dogs and to share some strategies that we’ve used to stand out this holiday season.

What makes Wüfers creative such a win?

Wüfers is unique in that the product itself is so aesthetically pleasing. With beautiful designs and strong creative content from their team, often it’s static imagery showcasing the cookies in a bright setting that performs best. 

We also love Wüfers because they have such a high end internal content team. They have very high brand standards for their content and they pump new stuff out for us to test every week. It’s a pleasure to take their pristine images and make it stand out in the newsfeed, like this example where the social proof logos pop in the centre of the grid.

What creative is working this holiday season?

This holiday season, we set out to build a variety of simplified, minimally-designed, creatives that showcased the product’s design and variety.

We found that grid-based creative layouts performed best. For example, 4-panel layouts that showcased a variety of SKU’s or featured one SKU with multiple images - whether lifestyle or product - was our fundamental creative layout in Q4. 

Why I think these performed well as ads is because of their simplicity and ability to showcase variety. When someone is scrolling through their feeds, they are presented with an ad that gives them a literal visual feast (but for dogs). The ad gives them options and gives them a better understanding of what Wüfers is at any stage in the funnel. Variety also instantly builds an element of trust, as it shows you’re not a one-trick-pony. 🐴

Keep the hands in the picture 🖐

When we started with Wüfers, we focused on standalone product shots, but we’ve quickly discovered how important it is to also feature shots of the cookies being held.

Why do they work? It’s easier for people to imagine themselves in the ad when they see the human features. I also think it’s because it showcases the product in a more direct way, focusing on the details, and because it offers negative space that is attractive to the eye and allows for room to add messaging. 

With Wüfers, we’re pretty dialed in with what’s going to work but try to keep a healthy amount of room open for creative testing of videos, GIFs, UGC, etc. We’ve had some success, but these pieces of content are our go-to for scaling. 

If you’ve got a pet who deserves an amazing treat this holiday season, check out Wüfers 🐶

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