Have a New Product or Brand You’re Looking to Launch?

Just like the popular Vogue dance from the 1980s, we’re all about angles. Angles paired and developed with key creative styles can be the recipe your brand needs for success.

📐 First: What’s an angle?

A creative angle is a theme or reason for the use of your product. Think beyond the unique selling points of your product and look for the real emotionally charged reason behind why shoppers think your brand is the best!

If you haven’t quite worked out your angles yet, try the following:

  1. Define who your customer is
  2. Understand or hypothesize what motivates them

Once you’ve got your answers, it’s time to start building your angles (messaging) and create content (visuals)!

For example:

  • You sell water in a bottle, and your company makes all the bottles from recycled material to raise awareness for the poor use of plastic recycling practices.
  • Your angle? People should buy your product because it represents recycling in their community and signals change that benefits the planet.
  • This doesn't mean you shouldn't tell people that your water tastes amazing or comes from a spring; it just means that your unique selling points support your key message of WHY they should choose your brand.

🔑 Next: Key creatives to showcase your angles

Within each angle you create, you should showcase it across different forms of creatives to see what best resonates with your audience. Here’s what we suggest: 👇

1️⃣ Creator video content

Just any ol’ content is not going to do. You want users within your key demographic that have actually used the product.

This video content shouldn’t be scripted and needs to come across as an authentic customer showing what they enjoyed about the product and what stands out to them.

Example: Have creators talk about how the water bottle makes them feel, the benefits of a reduced carbon footprint from recycling, and why they genuinely love it. The more genuine the better!

2️⃣ UGC imagery

Showing your product from the user perspective is key to connecting and relating with your audience. You will want to make sure that you show off some of the benefits, the product in a lifestyle shot, and how it is used. Make sure the image is crystal clear. No blurry images, please!

Example: With your water company, showcase users carrying around the bottle, use it in their day to day routine, and toss it in the recycling after using it.

3️⃣ Article feature review

Customers trust other people and their experiences with your product. Even better, if the review is from a credible source, you’ll build trust and social proof!

It's your choice to try something scrappy or polished, but remember that the idea is to come across as an authentic review.

Reviews are also a killer add to your landing pages! They showcase features and usecases for your product from consumers your potential shoppers can relate to.

Example: Use your reviews that showcase unique recycling experiences people have with your water bottle. Did their kids use it for arts and crafts before it landed in the blue bin? Is both the bottle and cap recyclable?

You’ve got the angles, so now you’re ready to make like the ’80s and Vogue.

What creative angles or ways of showcasing them are key for your brand? Reply to this email and let us know!

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