Growing Facebook Retargeting Audiences for Q4

How our Facebook team over at Pilothouse wants to look this Q4. 👆

And to get there, they’re working on audience building.

“Audience building???” 🤔

Audience building is an important part of Q4. The 2-3 months leading up to it (AKA now!) are prime time for building a hot retargeting audience using the Facebook pixel.

Sitewide, these are the main audiences to build with the Facebook pixel:

  • Website visitors
  • Content views
  • Cart views
  • Initiate checkout

In addition, the Pilothouse team looks to grow audiences based on:

  • Engagers
  • People who have clicked an ad
  • People who have visited your profile

But how can you build these audiences? Get NEW traffic to your website. Here’s what we suggest: 👇

  • Invest in Facebook, YouTube, and/or TikTok campaigns… whichever has been most profitable for your brand. Investing in Facebook campaigns will specifically help build the Facebook engager audience.
  • Engage in online PR activities to drive users to site.
  • Maintain a regular organic social media presence – posting on Facebook and Instagram will help with the engager audience growth.

And, what do you do once you’ve built up your audiences?

👉 Retarget

👉 Retarget

👉 Retarget

The bigger and hotter your audience heading into Black Friday, the better.

A large engager and site visitor audience


Black Friday Offers + Intent


💰Sky high CVR 💰

So, start audience building now and reap the benefits through Q4. 🚀 Need a hand? Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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