Generate leads with shifts in language

Generate leads with shifts in language

In the post-data loss world marketers live in, lead generation content will become a massive part of your funnel strategy for acquisition purchases. 

A top-of-funnel strategy on Meta is a risk; you're fighting a 40-60% data loss and an algorithm that will only allow you to hit 60% of your inclusion crowd. Generating that Lead is a connection that can ensure a captured audience that is way less dependent on an algorithm.

When creating a lead generation strategy for the top of your funnel, it's essential to treat your leads like clicks. If you're getting leads but no conversion, it's just useless traffic. 🙅‍♂️

Shifting your use of language based on stages of the funnel is what we like to call intent. Identifying your stages of intent will help funnel your traffic and open the possibility for higher quality leads and conversion rates.

The shifts👇

🍎 Education: 

Use language and intent to formulate a strategy that entices an audience to read about your brand. Start with educational content. It’s accessible, creates interest for your TOF audience, and generates leads. 

Providing educational content creates opportunities for the audience to further engage with your brand and (hopefully!) lead to a product purchase.

How to educate your leads:

  • Have your lead land on a longer form pre-sell page. Take the opportunity to show users what makes your product different.
  • Highlight the unique benefits, pricing, and guarantees of your product.
  • Get descriptive! Use your creative and ad copy to educate about your product. 

😰 Urgency: 

Once your customer hits that initial entrance into the funnel, switch your intent from education to urgency.

Urgent language and strategy in your ads and copy helps draw in high intent leads. 

Consider trying out the following:

  • Cut off dates  
  • Limited promo codes 
  • Limited-edition products
  • Products selling out quick/limited stock

✅ Maintain:

Your final shift of intention is to maintain that relationship and make your customers feel wanted and appreciated while pushing further action on future products. 

Dat' VIP list 😎

Consider rewarding community engagement with access to limited products, early access to drops, early access to lists, etc. 

Make sure those offers are exclusive to only those on this VIP to make your highest engaged customers feel ⭐️special ⭐️

Use your VIP list to inspire specific ads that showcase a limited-time offer or product scarcity. 

If your funnel is looking scarce and you're ready to make some changes, check out this All Killer No Filler episode and reach out to the Pilothouse team! 🚀

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