Friends Page = An Opportunity For Consistent Viewership

Before we jump into today’s ColourPop TikTok breakdown, we bring you the latest in TikTok news. 👇

TikTok has replaced the Discover tab (trending audios, hashtags, and filter effects) with the Friends tab, a feed dedicated to Joey, Chandler, Monica content only created by those that mutually follow one another. 👯

TikTok's content-based marketing has brands educating, informing, and entertaining… but the move to more social elements on the platform offers marketers some interesting customer insights and leads.

The Friends tab will suggest connections through users' contacts or Facebook friends list. It will also suggest accounts from people the user may know, with follow buttons next to each name for easy following.

Don’t stress about your chances of going viral! Many of the videos in TikTok’s discover tab are already heavily featured on the For You Page. The Friends Tab could be an interesting way to generate leads. It’s basically like TikTok's writing out a referral list for you. 👀

So if the Friends tab appeals to more and more users (the friends and following page), it could 100% create a more consistent viewership for brands gaining followers and offer a great way for your brand to target an audience.

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