Facebook interface glitching out for you right now?

September 25, 2021

Facebook interface glitching out for you right now?

Recently, Facebook Ads Manager has been struggling to upload images. 

Here’s what we’re seeing: 

Every still image we upload (when building ads) fails to show up in the media selection. As a result, we have to discard the draft and refresh the tab before it shows up. 

The Pilothouse teams’ workaround: 

1. Dupe the ad.

2. Hit “upload media.”

3. “Upload” all still images needed for the build. 

4. Wait a minute (otherwise they don’t load in the background).

5. Discard the draft.

6. Build as normal, selecting all images from the media library.

And POOF, they’re there now. 

Facebook Ads Inspo

Check out these ads from TRUFF. 

Facebook loves weird content and TRUFF has found a way to stop the scroll with crazy animations while staying on brand.

This is a pretty intricate piece of creative and is something brands should only be building for proven angles/concept campaigns. 

If you’re in full-blown test mode, don’t spend huge amounts of time on one piece of creative. 

TRUFF has been running the second ad since July, so it must be doing well for them to keep it going.  

Might be worth testing for your own brand. 

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