Facebook Ads Strategy: Day-by-Day Breakdown

Facebook Insights

Senior Media buyer Stu Mason conducted a day-by-day breakdown of one of his clients.  

While we can’t disclose the name of the brand, we can disclose that their AOV (average order value) is around $500 so it’s a high consideration product 

The results so far in 2021: 

  • Cheapest day to advertise: TUESDAY (lowest CPC, lowest CPM and highest CTR).
  • Most expensive day to advertise: FRIDAY (highest spend, highest CPA, highest CPC, highest CPM, lowest CVR).
  • Best converting day: WEDNESDAY (lowest CPA, highest CVR).
  • Second-best day to advertise: SUNDAY (2nd highest CTR, 2nd lowest CPA, 2nd lowest CPC, lowest CP(ATC).
  • Worst converting day: FRIDAY (see above).
  • Second-worst day to advertise: SATURDAY (lowest CTR, 2nd highest CPA, 2nd highest CPC, 2nd highest CPM, 2nd lowest CVR, 2nd highest CP(ATC).
  • Variance range of CPA between days of the week: 42% ($177.77 - $271.73).

Takeaways: Wednesday is by far the best day to advertise, with Sunday following in 2nd. 

This is despite Tuesday actually being the cheapest. 

Friday and Saturday are the worst and most expensive days to advertise. 

This data aligns well with perceived consumer behaviour. They're busy and want to get away from the computer on Friday and Saturday. 

Wednesday is a mid-week chance for them to spend a little and have a break (it's called hump day for a reason). And Sunday is the day to catch up on things, do some computer work, and shop a bit while they're riding the weekend high.

The numbers 👇

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