Facebook ad tip: Let your customers do the talking!


Facebook ad tip: Let your customers do the talking!

Check these examples from Muddy Bites and Italic. 

Both lead with reviews

Tips from the Pilothouse team

🦾 Split Test: 

Since everyone's needs for a product are different, try split testing different testimonials.  

You’ll ultimately want to find ones that appeal to a broad audience but there’s value in scaling these out horizontally by testing more. 

😊 Retargeting: 

When retargeting with testimonials, show people different ads with different testimonials. 

Watch your frequency to achieve this. 

You’re essentially stacking social proof in the form of testimonials through their journey of learning more about the brand.

🥇 Landing Pages: Consider creating social proof landing pages for premium / higher AOV products. 

Including the same testimonial in an ad that’s also visible on the landing page or product page can increase credibility from an ad perspective. 

🚨 NOTE: We mentioned this in previous newsletters before but Facebook has been cracking down on having star emojis in a row, often disapproving them for “circumventing systems.” 

Adding “verified customer” with a “✅” works well for increasing credibility of the testimonial. 

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